Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Updating blog was not easy from what i imagine. Seating in front of my lappy, , thinking on what to be posted and start to type something, seem like i’m not a good writer. Arrange my word and try to make as nice “bahasa n susunan” as i can, using rojak2 style, a lot of grammatical mistake, owh, i realize my english is still too bad, n need some improvement. It doesnt mean that international university’ student have good common in english, me myself should be exempted, and even primary school student far better than me.

When the ideas come, i rush to my lappy, off what i did before, n start typing n writing and usually i couldnt finish it, keep a month jadikan pekasam and start to continue again and again but i still couldnt finish it. Memang jadi pekasam high class la, mutu tinggi sebab simpan lame.

My friend asked me few years ago when i was in matrik, why i further in QS, architecture hot jugak ape? I simply answered “aku nak menulis”, sebab? Aku pon x taw, macam la jd budak archi kene melukis je.

I still couldnt find my style in writing, kadang macam ini, kadang macam itu, macam herem. Its too ambitious if i say i want to be a writter (tp nak jugak), but at least my mata pena send some msg that i fight for. Bukan tulisan2 ngek ngok yg telah di post ok, because that one i mean is still not being produced yet.

Motif??? Nothing !


★ Izzati Hidzir ★ said...

at least ur sense of writing is better than me..

i just not good in words.. but u did good well at least..

apa lagi jel, get ur pen and start writing now.

deli said...

hahahahahaha, at least ko ade topic untuk jadi bahan bicara, x de la tukar2 macam aku, topic ko korea, munkin aku artis malaysia ja, hahaha, undecided~

★ Izzati Hidzir ★ said...

mana ada ak stick dkt satu topik weii.. ikut kepala hotak je.. kakakak

Anonymous said...

dh2.....p tid0....